I love spontaneity, but need stability! The mat provides me with both.  My creative cravings came to life at a very young age through adventures in my backyard and dance parties in my living room.  My passion to move grew stronger as years passed and I actively pursued studies in dance that lead me to a degree from Ryerson. It wasn’t until I walked away from the pursuit of a career in dance that I realized this form of art was not only a means of self-expression but also a way for me to ‘let go’, an exhilarating form of mental therapy, you could call it. When I finally discovered the mat, I felt as if I were home.  The same freedom, creativity and release I had longed for, had evolved for me into a spiritual practice where I felt connected to my peers and not in competition with them. I acquired my 200hr teacher training in 2008, and my love affair with the mat continues to challenge me towards personal growth every day.

 It seems like most of the unhappiness in the world comes from a deep feeling of being alone, separate from the beauty around us.  Through teaching I hope to bring awareness to the power of community and what it means to live with integrity and treat one-self and others with compassion and love always.

 For me I feel most connected when I am strong in my body and mind. I believe that all styles of yoga have their own benefits and that a well-rounded practice is key. Every day our personal yoga practice will evolve, and we should always honour where we are in any given moment, energetically, emotionally and physically.

 Breath is life, and gratitude is the ultimate cure.